1962 witnessed the establishment of "China Jiangsu Construction Group Co., Ltd. In 1978 it was changed to China Jiangsu Construction Engineering Bureau. In 1983 China Jiangsu Construction Engineering Corporation was established, which mainly exercises the administrative functions of construction industry in Jiangsu province.In 1996, it became an economic entity, and was established as a group company in 2001. It was renamed "China Jiangsu Construction Group Co., Ltd." (CJCC) on the occasion of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012.It has grown steadily in a good entrepreneurial environment with the new era.Now it is the only provincial state-owned company in construction engineering category. CJCC is well-known in China and abroad for its super construction skills and first-class services. It has successively won letters of recommendation as well as honorary titles of “Best Construction Partner” from clients from many world-renowned companies including GE, Bosch, and Roche. CJCC has become the golden signboard of ""Jiangsu Construction"". Adhering to the concept of doing a project, building a flag, and expanding a market in engineering , the company's business development scale and brand building have reached a new level. The company has the first-class qualification of general contracting for housing construction, mechanical and electrical installation, the second-class general contracting qualification of municipal engineering, as well as the professional contracting qualifications of decoration, curtain wall, steel structure, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, fire protection facilities and foundation. In addition CJCC also has the qualifications for foreign contracted projects, foreign labor cooperation and foreign aid complete projects, and has long held the quality, environment and occupational health and safety system (QES) certification and bank AAA credit rating certificate. CJCC has been listed as one of the TOP 225 largest engineering general contractors in the world  by American ""Engineering News Record"" (ENR) for many consecutive years. Back at home CJCC won the special honorary enterprise of the Luban Award, and was awarded “the Top Ten Enterprises in the construction and foreign economics of Jiangsu Province” and “the Top 100 Most Competitive Enterprises in construction industry of Jiangsu Province”. A series of honorary titles went to CJCC such as Best Enterprises, Well-known Construction Contractors in Jiangsu Province, Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprises in Jiangsu Province, and Advanced Units in Construction Industry Quality Management, Safety Management, and Technological Progress in Jiangsu Province".